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Purple is the colour of kings.
The colour of power, abundance, and decadence.

The colour of meat and wine.

Purpur is a cozy a la carte restaurant in Pärnu, located in the 4-star spa hotel Tervise Paradiis in the seaside resort town of Pärnu. The restaurant offers guests an exceptional and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The cozy and stylish atmosphere of the Purpur restaurant, combined with – without a doubt – the best sea view in Pärnu, creates the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a fun meeting with friends. During the summer, the restaurant’s terrace is also open, and offers a wonderful view of the sea – it is an ideal place for long summer evenings.

Behind the popularity of this Pärnu restaurant are professional service and high quality, which is its hallmark. The institution received local and foreign guests who noted the outstanding level of dishes and service.

The restaurant can accommodate 50 guests in total.

Introduction 2

Passion and devotion

Chef of the a la carte restaurant Purple Kairit Akker is a young talented visionary of the culinary arts. Passion for cooking and devotion to it are clearly visible in every dish that comes out from under the hand of Kairit. Chef Kairit is cheerful but also demanding. Every dish that leaves her kitchen is the best that the restaurant entrusted to her has to offer. She always aims for the highest standards and her creativity reflects the fresh ideas that take the restaurant to the next level again and again.

Kairit is an innovator, and no stranger to the courage to experiment. In her kitchen there is a place for unusual combinations of flavours and new techniques, and her dishes are characterized by a balanced flavour profile, a combination of textures and amazing blends. She knows how to create delicious, aesthetically pleasing dishes pleasant to both the eye and taste buds.

Kairit’s dishes are a true delight for every gourmet looking for a unique taste experience.

If you are looking for food experiences and a pleasant atmosphere in Pärnu, Purpur is definitely a restaurant you should visit.

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Mon-Sun 12-23




Side 14, Pärnu


+372 445 0242

Tervise Paradiis OÜ

Register code: 10559955 / Side 14, Pärnu 80010, Estonia