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The menu brought to perfection by our chef Kairit Akker awaits.
Purpur’s menu is varied, everyone will find something to their taste. Dinner here will be a real journey for your taste buds. With each meal, we offer the perfect pairing of drinks to ensure you have an unrivalled experience.

A true adventure for your taste buds.

Chef Kairit Akker pays great attention to the freshness and high quality of raw materials. She appreciates pure flavours and always strives to highlight the best qualities of the product, while maintaining its unique character. Seasonality is also important for her – Kairit creatively uses seasonal products to offer restaurant diners a unique taste experience.


Steak tartare

caper mayonnaise, egg yolk, ciabatta

12 €

Grilled chicken fillet

romaine lettuce, crispy bacon, melon, chilli dressing

12 €

Caramelised scallops

cauliflower, sea buckthorn, cucumber

12 €

Marinated Baltic herrings

quail egg, crispy bread, mayonnaise

12 €

Soup and pasta

Bouillabaisse à la Purpur

seafoods, tomato jus, fennel

12 €

Beet risotto

goat cheese snow, Parmesan

15 €

Creamy truffle pasta

Shimeji mushrooms, cheese, serrano ham

15 €

Wild mushroom ravioli

boletus and cream cheese mousse, mushrooms, pine nuts

13 €

Blue mussels

creamy wine sauce, garlic ciabatta

16 €

Main dishes

Grilled beef tenderloin

black salsify, vegetables, blackcurrant sauce

25 €

Roasted pork belly

potato and chive cream, red wine, and plum sauce

21 €

Green Egg roast duck fillet

sweet potato cream, baby vegetables, demi-glace sauce

21 €

Charred salmon fillet

potato cream, kale, cider sauce

21 €


Warm chocolate cake

baked chocolate, sea buckthorn sorbet and sponge

8 €

Lemongrass crème brûlée

8 €

Welcome to Estonia! Kama cream

lingonberries, caramelised bread, beer sorbet

8 €

Chamomile panna cotta

rose sorbet, fresh berries

8 €

If you are looking for food experiences and a pleasant atmosphere in Pärnu, Purpur is definitely a restaurant you should visit.

We are open

Sun-Thu 15-22
Fri-Sat 15-23




Side 14, Pärnu


+372 445 0242

Tervise Paradiis OÜ

Register code: 10559955 / Side 14, Pärnu 80010, Estonia